04 February 2010

EU Health Chief calls swine flu pandemic scare 'one of greatest medical scandals of century'

Supports Chapter One: Trick to Treat

In the first chapter of Trick and Treat, I talked about how the health industry, and the pharmaceutical industry in particular, invented scares and diseases so that they could capitalise on selling 'treatments' for those conditions.

The latest scam,
The Swine Flu Pandemic scare, was one of the greatest medical scandals of the century, and was engineered to increase the profits of the drug companies, says the European Council's health chief, Dr Wolfgang Wodarg.

The council is to begin an investigation into the role of the drug companies, and how they influence ‘independent’ authorities such as the World Health Organization, after they passed a resolution from Wodarg, chairman of the Council’s health committee. Dr Wodarg, who is an epidemiologist and former health director in Germany, has followed the swine flu (H1N1 virus) pandemic story unfold. “It is one of the greatest health scandals of the century,” he says. “We have had a mild flu – and a false pandemic.”

The World Health Organization (WHO) declared the virus a pandemic last year, and health authorities around the world ordered in huge stocks of vaccines. The UK's chief medical officer, Sir Liam Donaldson, predicted 65,000 deaths in the UK, and convinced the government to place a £1bn order for swine flu vaccine. In the event, a mere 251 people in the UK have died from the virus, and the government is now desperately trying to offload vast stocks of the redundant vaccine.

Wodarg claims that governments have sealed contracts with drug companies that are triggered when a virus is classified as pandemic. “In this way the producers of vaccines are sure of enormous gains without having any financial risks. So they just wait until the WHO says ‘pandemic’ and activates the contracts.” As things stand with the contracts with the drugs companies, governments have no choice but to pay up.

And what do we do with all the unwanted, useless, vaccines? We give them to third-world countries - who are very unlikely to have a need for them!
(Source: www.wodarg.de/english/3013320.html)


Anonymous said...

I understand that when the WHO declared swine flu a level 6 pandemic, in the USA it enabled legislation to be put into force requiring compliance with mandatory vaccinations, pharmaceutical companies would not be held liable for any swine flu vaccine damage, and no compensation would be paid to any unfortunate victims. In the UK in January last year a new law was introduced by the back door that obliges the Secretary of State for Health to implement any recommendations of the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI). This means that JCVI have taken over the control of the UK vaccination schedule. and now have the power to bring in new vaccines without government approval even if they haven't been safety tested. Prior to this, all new vaccines would have to pass through parliament and be voted on before they were introduced. Now the government is compelled to agree with anything JCVI say, even if there is no science to back it up. JCVI are also exploring whether to get a 'guardian of the state' for all unvaccinated children and sue their parents to FORCE them to vaccinate.
You can read about this in detail in the Minutes of their meeting held on 18.2.09 http://www.dh.gov.uk/prod_consum_dh/groups/dh_digitalassets/@dh/@ab/documents/digitalasset/dh_097411.pdf
You would have thought there would have been extensive consultations, safeguards put in place, a debate in Parliament and a vote, but this is not the case. Take a look at the declaration of interests on page 16. MH

Barry Groves said...


Thanks for posting that. It illustrates just how much of a hold Big Pharma has. Mandatory medical intervention is contrary to UN Human Rights Legislation dating back the Nuremberg trials after WWII. In other words, compulsory vaccination is illegal.


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This means that JCVI have taken over the control of the UK vaccination schedule. and now have the power to bring in new vaccines without government approval even if they haven't been safety tested.

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