22 October 2008

We should get out in the sun more - in the middle of the day

Supports Chapter 11: Our irrational fear of sunshine

Health recommendations are that we should avoid sun exposure for three to five hours around noon because of the skin cancer risk. But a group of doctors at the Institute for Cancer Research, Montebello, Oslo, Norway, say this may be wrong and may even promote melanoma. They have determined that, to get an optimal vitamin D from the sun at a minimal risk of getting malignant melanoma, around noon the best time to go out in the sun exposure. This add weight to the studies in Trick and Treat (click above for the abstract)
This would give a maximal yield of vitamin D at a minimal CMM risk.
Moan J, Dahlback A, Porojnicu AC. At what time should one go out in the sun? Adv Exp Med Biol. 2008; 624: 86-8

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