27 November 2008

High Protein Meals Help Keep The Fat Away

Supports Chapter 19: 'Healthy eating' is fattening

A low-calorie diet made up of higher protein meals improves the ability to burn fat among overweight and obese people and may be the key to shedding excess kilos, according to new Australian research.

The study found higher protein meals may have a subtle fat-burning effect in overweight or obese people. And the study showed the glycaemic index (GI) of a meal has no additional effect on fat breakdown.

Study co-author Dr. Marijka Batterman said: 'We know from past research that overweight or obese people are not as efficient at burning fat. This new study shows that fat oxidation, or the body's ability to 'burn' fat, improves in obese people when they eat a higher protein diet.'
Study participants were put on two protein-enriched meals and one standard meal, which all contained the same number of calories. The two protein-enriched meals differed in the type of carbohydrate they contained - either high- or low-GI. The amount of calories subjects burnt was then measured.

The high-protein meals led to the greatest level of fat oxidation. This plan included a cheese and tomato omelette for breakfast.

"We found a clear relationship between body composition and the effect of dietary protein on fat oxidation. Our bodies burn energy and use fat differently, and we need to take this into account when planning our diets,' said Dr. Batterman who works at the Smart Foods Centre, University of Wollongong.

Batterham M, et al. High-protein meals may benefit fat oxidation and energy expenditure in individuals with higher body fat. Nutrition & Dietetics 2008; 65(4):


Anne said...

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I have a question and as I'm not sure how to contact you other than thru your blog.

My mid 70's mother has heart arrythmia. She had her gallbladder taken out many years ago and has trouble eating fats. Any suggestions?

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Barry Groves said...

Hi Anne

Sorry to be so long answering. I have answered your question in your later comment on the "Low cholesterol increases suicide in bipolar patients" topic.

Barry Groves said...

Hi Anne

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Patrick D said...
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Barry Groves said...

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Unfortunately, I can't answer your question about Viagra. Drugs like these are not in my bailiwick


Patrick D said...

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