23 November 2008

Low cholesterol increases suicide risk

Supports Chapter 22: The dangers of low blood cholesterol;
and Chapter 26: Diet and the brain

There is already a lot of evidence in Trick and Treat which shows that people with low cholesterol levels are more likely both to attempt to commit suicide and to succeed in those attempts. This latest study, from the University of Madrid, adds yet more weight to this evidence.

In this study ‘low cholesterol’ was defined as less than 160mg/dL (4.16 mmol/L). This level has been noted several times in the medical literature as a level below which suicide is more likely. And you should note that this level is well within what is considered ‘healthy’ by a cholesterol-lowering, drug pushing health industry.

What makes it worse, to my mind, is that suicide attempters in this study were those one might consider least likely to want to take their own lives: they were generally younger than 35, and had a ‘healthy’ weight, with a Body Mass Index of 22 or lower.

Perez-Rodriguez MM, et al. Low cholesterol may be associated with suicide attempt history. J Clin Psychiatry 2008 e1-e8 (pii: ej07m3866). Published online ahead of print.


Josh said...

This concerns your naive vegetarian hoopla. You should throw some more consideration into the philosophical ideals of vegetarianism rather than so quickly rubbishing them. Perhaps (and i stress perhaps) vegetarianism is not an option for the whole world, but surely you can see that it is more than a mere sentimentality to the cute fuzzy creatures. If you use philosophy to see these animals as living entities such as yourself, then realise that their pain is AS REAL as yours, even if they aren't as clever as you. Everyday we commit another holocaust on a million innocent animals, in cruel contraptions that make Aushvits look like Butlins. Is that natural? Fuck natural, is that right?! You say some animals are born to be predators, then next time you're hungry, go out and kill a cow, naked. You have no claws or teeth to speak of, what you gonna do? We humans feed on self indulgence, and we (you) are sooo self rightuous. Just think, is it a coincidence that what you want to do (i.e. eat tasty animals) is by some miracle what your 'facts' show to be right? Do I sound naive?

Barry Groves said...

Yes, Josh, you do sound naive!

And what has your comment got to do with the subject of this post?

Annette said...

Greetings Barry - I am happy to have discovered your blog and know that you are still posting interesting articles and opinions.

I have been reading your work for a while now although I stopped dropping by second-opinions when it looked as if nothing was changing (that's the tyranny of blogging!). You must have been working on the new book.

I have added it to my wish list at Amazon for purchase for the South Pacific of Natural Therapies library when our finances and the exchange rate improve.

Best wishes

Anonymous said...

Hey plants are living entities too.

I think he just wanted to prove what a diet low in animal does to your mentality.

I don't know if my cholesterol changed but switching to a low-carb high fat diet has meany advantages for me, but posible the biggest one is that my mood is stable,I am mostly happy now and much more social active, things not going my way is not devastating enymore.

My dad has been on statins since 2001 after a bypss he seems to get increasingly sad and introvert, always seeing himself as a victim of injustice comited by others. My Mother has almost prohibited me from talking of diet, so I am trying to get her to read Uffe Ravnskov's "Cholesterol myth and reality" to prove that fat is not unhealthy and hopfully make her talk to my father about dropping the statins.

Wendy said...

Perhaps the aggressiveness in the tone of the first comment is anecdotal evidence that pro vegetarianism - perhaps with accompanying Low Cholesterol - well - makes human animals aggressive! The right food 'needs' to be eaten in order to be happier human. I my opinion, Mr Tiger wouldn't be bothered about the commentee's philosophy if he was dumped in the Jungle!!

Anonymous said...

Josh I really do resent your language. It is inappropriate and I can see no reason to resort to swearing to make a point. If being a vegetarian makes you that aggressive I am happy not to be counted among your ranks.
I also consider it tasteless to use comparisons with concentration camps, but if you must use them at least take care to use the right spelling. The name is Auschwitz unpalatable though it may be.